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codemobile branding

CodeMobile is a Cheshire based mobile developer conference that was created by a group of developers with a passion for developing in the Mobile Space. There is a limited number of Android and iOS conferences aimed at indie developers outside of London, so Cheshire is the perfect spot for transport.


Photography from CodeMobile 2017.

I was the design lead in the team of 8, and together we decided what the app needed to contain and what the most important features would be. Here you can see some of my original drawings. I then digitised these into artboards in the Sketch app, separating mobile and tablet view, as well as portrait/landscape mode for the developers to build.


With guest speakers from from Amazon, Buddybuild, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Starbucks, and many more, it was important that we made a good impression. I'm proud of what we achieved and I'm pleased with the end result.


In addition to the CodeMobile branding and designing both Android and iOS apps, I also created a 24 page A5 booklet that contained an introduction to the event and our team. This was perfect for advertising our sponsors and it included the full schedule for delegates to use as an alternative to the app. 

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